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OM Teen Street

Many young people leave the church when they leave school. One key reason is that they do not have a faith of their own; many have been carrying someone else's relationship with Jesus. They have been told how to live and what Christ means to them.

TeenStreet works with the Church to motivate, equip and walk alongside (Christian) teens who seek real friendship with Jesus and want to reflect Him daily in their world. We seek to create an environment that helps teenagers develop their own faith and friendship with Jesus.

One distinctive of TeenStreet is that TeenStreet is not just for teens, but also for their youth leaders, equipping them to serve their teens after the event.

At the TeenStreet event, teens experience large-group teaching, small-group Bible study, worship, outreach, sports and arts. They have an opportunity to better understand the needs of their world and give financially to bless others. Through seminars and workshops, we help them understand and use the gifts God has given them.

The first TeenStreet took place in 1993 when 56 people met in Offenburg, Germany. From there, TeenStreet grew rapidly in Europe—to around 4,400 participants from 45 nations in 2013—and has replicated around the world in Brazil, Uruguay, Nepal, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia.

For more information, visit TeenStreet Europe’s website

27 July–3 August 2019 @Offenburg, Germany.

(2019년 NLVC 고등부 여름단기선교 참가대상: 8th - 11th 학년: 7월 22일 - 8월 3일)

(6월 21일-22일: 선교훈련 @멕시코)


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